Gas-insulated switchgear ELK-14 C up to 245 kV


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Eco-efficient and compact solution

Gas-insulated switchgear ELK-14 C is the new generation for 245 kV designed to reduce complexity, life cycle costs and environmental impact. The compact design fits any installation environment and offers convenient operation and serviceability.


Brief performance data

GIS ELK-14 C  
Rated voltage [kV] 253
Rated frequency [Hz] 50/60
Rated short-duration power-frequency withstand voltage (1 min) [kV] 460
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (1.2/50 µs) [kV] 1,050
Rated switching impulse withstand voltage (250 / 2500 µs) [kV] n/a
Rated normal current – busbar / feeder [A] 3,150
Rated short circuit-breaking current [kA] 50
Rated short-time withstand current (up to 3 s) [kA] 50
Rated peak withstand current [kA] 135
Bay width [mm] 1,600
Ambient temperature range [°C] -25 … +40
Installation indoor


Why ABB?

  • Eco-efficient, small, lean three-phase enclosure with single-phase insulators
  • Reduces use of SF6 gas by 20 percent compared with predecessor products and features excellent gas tightness for minimum leakage
  • Reduced weight, grey energy (energy used in production) and thermal losses
  • Frontal access to drives for manual operation
  • Compact and modular design
  • Provisions for excellent service continuity during repair jobs
  • Monitoring, control, protection and communication features for smooth integration into digital substation systems using IEC 61850

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