MFM - Multifunctional Modules for substations from 72.5 to 420 kV


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Customized, factory assembled substation equipment for permanent or temporary electrification

MFMs are compact multifunctional modules capable of combining in a single product the following functions:

  • High-voltage switchgear
  • Power transformer
  • Medium-voltage switchgear
  • Control and protection

MFMs cover a range of equipment for electrical installations, completely assembled and tested at the factory, easy to transport and install. Combining the modules makes it possible to create any type of mobile or fixed station.


Brief performance data

Multifunctional Modules (72.5 - 420 kV)
High-voltage (primary) section      
 Rated voltage   kV  72.5 - 420
 Rated frequency   Hz 50 - 60
Rated current   A 2000 - 5000
 Rated making and breaking capacity   kA 40 - 63
Power transformer      
Rated power up to MVA  60
Auxiliary services transformer      
 Rated power up to kVA 100 
Medium/High voltage (secondary) section      
 Rated voltage    kV 12 - 72.5
 Rated frequency    Hz 50 - 60
 Rated current up to  A 2500
 Rated making and breaking capacity up to  kA 31.5 - 40


Why ABB?

  • The MFM concept enables significant reduction in construction and engineering time for substations
  • The compact design allows for transport with conventional methods

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