Hybrid Switchgear PASS M0 - 145 to 170 kV


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Compact switchgear fully assembled and high-voltage tested in factory, for rapid energizing in 16 hours

PASS M0 belongs to ABB’s innovative high-voltage hybrid switchgear family PASS (Plug and Switch System). PASS encloses all functions of a complete switchgear bay in a single module. The hybrid design makes use of traditional air-insulated busbars to connect with other equipment in the substation while enclosing the following bay functions in a single-phase gas-insulated housing:

  • Circuit breaker
  • Combined disconnector and earthing switches
  • Voltage transformers and Voltage sensors
  • Current Transformers
  • Motor drive option
  • Fast earthing switch option
  • Plug in cables option

PASS modules are completely factory assembled and tested, ready for rapid installation and energization.
PASS M0 is available in numerous configurations including single busbar, double busbar, double circuit breaker, railway application, pre-assembled H-configured switchgear bay, and various other customized configurations are possible.


Brief performance data

PASS M0 (145 - 170 kV)      
Encapsulation Single phase
Rated voltage kV 145 145 170 170
Frequency Hz 50 60  50 60
Rated current A 3,150
Rated Breaking current kA 50 - 63 63 50 40
Rated power frequency withstand voltage kV 275 275  325 325
Lightning impulse withstand level – LIWL kV 650 650 750 750


Why ABB?

  • PASS M0 with more than 5,000 bays is the most widely installed hybrid switchgear worldwide, protecting networks in many different climates and applications.
  • Close to GIS compactness at AIS value - the best of both worlds
  • Delivered fully assembled and tested, energizes in 16 hours on-site
  • Modular design enables highly customizable solutions in a short manufacturing time
  • Global service organization, local everywhere

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