Coupling Capacitor CCB (72 - 800 kV)


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A world-class coupling capacitor with superior properties for PLC application

Coupling capacitors CCB are intended for power line carrier, filtering and other general capacitor applications with connection between phase and ground in high voltage networks with isolated or grounded neutral. 
The CCB is designed for widely shifting conditions from polar to desert climates. The mixed dielectric in the capacitor element is subject to low stress and has proven to be insensitive to temperature changes. 
With regard to PLC application the CCB is suitable for use within the entire power line carrier transmission frequency range from 30 kHz to 500 kHz.


Brief performance data

Installation   Outdoor 
Design   Column type 
Insulation   Aluminum-foil / paper / polypropylene-film, synthetic oil
Highest voltage for equipment kV  72 - 800
Voltage factor (Vf)   Up to 1.9/8 hrs 
Insulators   Porcelain / Silicon rubber
Creepage distance mm/kV > 25 
Longer on request
Ambient temperature  ºC -40 to +40 
Others on request
Design altitude   m Maximum 1000
Others on request 



Why ABB?

  • ABB offers a world-class coupling capacitor with superior properties for PLC application as well as filtering and other general capacitor applications. 
  • The design corresponds to the requirements of IEC 60358-1 and all national standards based on this standard. Special designs to meet other standards and customer specifications are also available. Due to the design of the capacitor units, the coupling capacitor elements combine both low voltage stress and high stability to temperature variations. 
  • Our experts can assist you with advice for finding the optimum solutions.

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