Advant Controller 450 for Advant Master DCS


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Regulatory control including advanced PID and self-tuning adaptive control. Logic and sequence control. Data and text handling, arithmetic, and positioning. Self-configuration capabilities which make it possible to add hardware while the controller is in full operation Full on-line configuration capabilities while the application is running. Support for a wide range of central and distributed I/O modules for maximum configuration possibilities, with a maximum I/O capacity of 5700 I/O points. Support for local and central operator interface for manual control operations, event and alarm handling, trend curve presentation etc. Interoperability concerning all communication levels from plant floor fieldbuses to high-speed plant network. Support for Profibus ABB’s redundant Advant Fieldbus 100, and other protocols. Time synchronization with other nodes in an automation system at an accuracy better than 3 ms. The controller and its I/O can time tag events with a resolution of 1ms Backup of system and application RAM with separate power supply, local battery or station battery as well as back-up of application on flash PROM cards. Full automatic restart from application dump.

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